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Created by Supermodel and TV Personality Stacey McKenzie, The Walk Camp was designed to inspire and empower young girls to love and own who they are with confidence, giving them opportunities to go after their dreams and goals through mentorship. A all girls camp dedicating to building the self esteems and giving the opportunity to girls from schools and various communities within Canada and Jamaica by way of meeting and be mentored by people from the Fashion, Art, Entertainment, Health & Wellness and Finance industries..  Our girls have been mentored by notable celebrities and industry insiders such as Dina Pugliese (Breakfast Television Host), Arisa Cox ( Host of Big Brother Canada), Tracy Moore ( Cityline TV Host), Sunny Fong (Fashion Designer), Nadine Sutherland (SInger), Sharon Schroeter (TV Producer), Nikki Z (Radio Personality), Amanda Brugle (Actress) Debra Edwards (Journalist The Gleaner), Laurie Peters (Former High Commissioner of Canada), Farley Chatto ( Fashion Designer) , Carlton Brown (Fashion Designer), Isamar Gonzalez (Health & Wellness), Simone Denny (Singer), Orville Hall and Shelly Callum (Choreographers), Nadine Willis (Model), Yrneh Gabon (Artist), Novia MacDonald Whyte (Lifestyle Editor Jamaica Observer) Jae Blaze (Choreographer), Sevana (Singer), Olunike Adeliyi (Actress), plus many more! Positively shaping our girls’ self-esteem and character, developing their interpersonal skills, and exposing them to life skills.




Stacey McKenzie is one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the fashion industry.  Self-trained as a model she has been a staple on numerous covers, pages and runways of top fashion magazines, fashion designers and major brand campaigns.  While going back to the communities she came from to visit and speak to the youths, she realized the importance of helping these young people build their self esteem, recognize their talents/gift and go after their goals with confidence. She took sometime off her career and created The Walk Camp, a free 2 week camp for girls 12-16 years of age. The camp started in Toronto Canada and is also now in her country of birth Jamaica.


"When girls confidence and self-esteem improves they realize their potential within themselves; they discover their many gifts and talents and will be empowered and inspired to pursue their dreams and goals despite their circumstances"  Stacey McKenzie

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